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Lady Chin Swee by Stowa: limited series for Red Army Watches in Singapore

Retailer Singapore Red Army Watches (RAW) presents a ultra-limitee series of 33 watches pilot conducted in partnership with the German mark Stowa. This model very confidential--and accessible--has a 41 mm steel with a manual winding Unitas caliber. Particularity: this timepiece comes with two funds from box. A sapphire and a background in serious steel and a pinup of a tiger. An idea remember clockmaker to bring back to Singapore.

Singapore offers what is best for luxury watches... But not always accessible, far will be... However, if you want to return to Paris with a small watchmaker souvenir, retailer Red Army Watches (RAW) has just concluded a partnership with the German mark Stowa, specializing in pilot watches.

This Stowa Flieger model displays Replica Watches all the codes for the pilot watch... Dial matte black very readable with large numerals in white Superluminova, the triangle at two points in 12 hours and large and wide hands for hours and minutes. Note the presence at 6 o'clock of a small second displayed through a needle Golden to RAW specifications.

One of the two funds of box, one steel, is engraved with a design conceived by RAW symbolizing Singapore; It combines an orientalisee pinup named Lady Chin Swee, quietly tucked away in a tiger, a drink in hand. This character also refers to the girls painted on the cabins of aircraft during the second world war, which corresponds well to the world of pilot watches.

The young woman, dress split and neckline on chest opullente, holds a glass in hand. It tasted the famous Singapore Sling, cocktail made with gin and pineapple juice invented by Mr. Ngiam Tong Boon, the Director of the Long Bar, the bar of the famous Raffles Hotel, one of the most famous palaces in the world. As for the Tiger, it represents the last feline in freedom of the island State, which was killed, according to an urban legend, in the gardens of this same institution.

This watch is only available in Singapore in the shops Red Army Watches (Millenia Walk, Wisma Atria, Red dot Traffic) and Krasnaya (ION Orchard). "Last but not least, if you wish, your name will be engraved on the buckle of your timepiece.

Red Army Watches, created in 2004, allows to discover a 'alternative watch tender' incorporated at the base, by Russian watches brands Fake Rolex Watches; then which is extended over the years to other nationalities: German, Swiss, but also Spanish or Italian. Thus, little by little, this network now made up of nine boutiques (which very well placed three in Singapore) specializes in confidential and independent brands but at affordable prices.

Pilot watches, diving watches, watches watch, alarm watch, and even the swirls! There is something for everyone and for - almost - all budgets: Vostok, the Poljot, Pita Barcelona, a Zeppelin, Azimuth, Itai Noy, Alexander Shorokhoff, of Junkers, SevenFridays, etc.

The selection is wide but still sharp. Indeed, all these timepieces have been carefully selected for their technical skills, their originality and their design by officials of this sign. But always remaining in a reasonable price range.

The independent watchmaker De Bethune has just introduced a watch outside the norm, the Dream Watch 5, which sports a titanium fuselage of rocket-shaped case and offers a display of the time jumping, an analog indicator minutes and a phase of spherical Moon at the centre. A true wrist sculpture with a mechanical caliber wound displaying a 5-day power reserve.

In recent years, independent watchmakers are striving to offer a different reading of the time passing... In addition to the original views of the time, some go further by equipping their caliber of enclosures completely non-standard and often futuristic... A trend found in MB & F than among RJ-Romain Jerome or De BĂ©thune who is not its first test.

In fact, the Dream Watch 5 looks more like a UFO to a luxury watch... And yet, behind this amazing futuristic housing lies a sumptuous caliber which can display hours jumping to 3 h in titanium grade 5 polished blued, an analogue indicator of minutes on rotating disc and an indicator of the phases of spherical Moon at the centre.

The Dream Watch 5A aims to nurture a genuine 'ambition aesthetic, through codes and means borrowed from watchmaking, field of predilection of the founders of the brand". However, located at the borders of an eclectic watchmaking landscape, it is does not necessarily like a watch... Its attributes watchmakers, certainly innovative and highly technological, are in any way its primary interest!

Thus, this timepiece looks like a "real sculpture of wrist. Specifically, the Dream Watch 5 maintains its unique form of its predecessors, the Dream Watch 1 bridge to box the Dream Watch 4, it thus fits in the continuity of a research work on forms, material and colours. Over the creations, the design is however purified in favour of a domed deltoid ground, major constituent of the aesthetics of the collection and De Bethune watches more generally.

"Tight lines and terrain profiles, it is around aesthetic codes related to space, movement and speed that it derives its avant-garde character; the softness of her curves and bulging it realised perfectly polished titanium silky give it a timeless accent. A cabochon Ruby perfect contours and wife gently the Crown» ensures the brand in its release.

The delta case curve titanium grade 5 - width 49mm; height 39mm and thickness 11 mm - has an ornate Crown at 3 o'clock of a 1 carat cabochon Ruby and sapphire glass curved with double anti-reflective treatment 1800 Vickers. The back, closed in grade 5 Titanium, is signed by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet. It contains the mechanical DB2144 caliber wound (329 components) of 5 days of power reserve.
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